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I’m Samuella

UX/UI Designer & web developer



Mission & Vision of SK

I am a firm believer that life is too short to eat bad food and that good food can solve some of the world’s biggest problems. I pride myself on delivering an authentic and memorable Ghanaian culinary experience straight to my clients’ doorstep without sacrificing the unique taste of home. 


Samuella’s Kitchen, or fondly known as SK, started formally while I was in college. Almost all of my friends were international students from Ghana or Nigeria and my friends missed home-cooked meals. I started cooking for my friends just to provide a taste of home and the reception was phenomenal. Although cooking was a huge part of my upbringing in Ghana, I never thought I could turn my passion into a lucrative business.

After years of blogging online and sharing my recipes with family, friends, and strangers, I shipped my first box of delicious, Ghanaian food in 2017 to a college student (Ewurama) based in Michigan. Fast forward to now, I have shipped hundreds of boxes of Ghanaian food to almost every state in the US.

Having done extensive supply chain research and collaborating with major shipping vendors, I also teach other small/medium food businesses how to package and ship their products in order to expand their customer reach. If you are interested in attending my next shipping webinar, please visit this page to learn more.

Thanks for stopping by – I can’t wait to feed you! And if you’re here to try a recipe, I can’t wait to see what you cook up!

With love,

SK aka Rich Auntie Sammie

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