SK Shipping Webinar


Cohort 3 & 4: Dates pending


1. About the Brand: Learn more about SK, how I started shipping, and most importantly WHY I decided to ship my food

2. Business Case for Shipping: Why YOU should ship your food and steps to expand your business beyond your friend/family/work/school group

3. Shipping Vendors: The good, the bad, and the worst. The type of vendors available, how to build a relationship with vendors, and how to negotiate prices with vendors

4. Packaging: What methods to use, which ones to stay away from, and how to package items to reduce spillage and spoilage

5. Packaging Systems: Effective vs. Cost Efficient. Which one is right for you?

6. Maximize Profits: How to reduce shipping costs while making money. Should the client pay for shipping? Are you bearing the full shipping cost?

7. Packaging Suppliers: Which suppliers to use and which ones to run away from

8. Q & A / Discussion

BONUS: WhatsApp support group open for 3 WEEKS.

PRICE: $399 per spot. This price includes everything discussed in the 2 hour webinar (sometimes we are on for THREE hours) AND a WhatApp group for THREE WEEKS with your cohort. You can “pick my brain” freely in the group and I will review how you cook and package items. We will also share ideas and best practices on various issues within the food industry. AFTER the 3 weeks, you will have my personal number so you essentially have access to me for life. LOL. 

I have helped business owners with emergency shipping issues at 1am in the morning – I really want to see you succeed. The price is an investment in your business. Trust me, you will not regret it. And if you regret taking my webinar, let’s chat after the webinar to discuss how I can make it right. No hard feelings.


Please make payment using one of the options below and register for the webinar. This webinar is non-refundable. 

Zelle or PayPal: | Full name if needed: Samuella Takyi-Buachie

For PayPal, please remember to select FRIENDS & FAMILY in order to avoid additional fees.



I do NOT ship tiered cakes. If your business is focused on tiered cakes, unfortunately this webinar might not be for you as it is not my expertise.

This webinar is targeted for those who are NEWBIES in shipping food and want to learn how to ship dishes such as rice, soups, stews, pastry items (meat pies, bofrot/puff puff, etc.), drinks, and sauces (Shito, Green Pepper Sauce, etc). In the future, I hope to partner with someone who specializes in shipping cakes and will host a webinar focused on tiered cakes. Thank you!


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